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This actually means roughly 86 percent of us who thought we knew our star sign actually don't. Russell Grant's been lying to us for years, the absolute lizard.

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That whole effect is called precession and the Earth itself behaves a little bit like a spinning top. Basically, right, Earth wobbles, and that skews everything, which means that the star signs we followed millenniums ago are now as dated as a Harambe meme. Star Signs. Credit: dnaindia. But for those who still believe star signs mean something and are adamant that's why they've got married to someone or their pet goldfish is still alive or how they got THAT job and you happen to be one of the star signs I randomly plucked from thin air, then please look no further.

And remember, you're probably a new star sign now which means you have to change your entire outlook on life.

Aries: You're going to find this article relatively funny, but also lacking in any depth of content. You're not the type of person for confrontation, though, so you'll just read this and think 'meh', and move on with your life. Getting family together for a small celebration will be easier than thought. A long-term legal or financial matter will finally come to a conclusion. Take this opportunity to put your household in order.

Issues that have been hanging in the balance will be resolved, causing you to breathe a sigh of relief. Romantic involvements will deepen. You will establish a new level of closeness in an existing relationship. Your best friend or partner has some ambitious plans.

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Group and social events will bring you most rewards. You will get an invitation during a casual conversation. It will be more like a small house warming party where neighbours, both old and new can meet up and get to know each other better. Some friction at home makes it hard for you to relax.

There will be several delays before you are able to start on a new venture or journey. Unexpected expenses or legal issues will stop you moving forward as quickly as you had hoped. This will be aggravating but a practical partner will help keep the situation under control.

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A seminar or workshop will not be as interesting as you thought it would be but it will give you a chance to make some new friends and it could open up some new options. Your challenge this week is to work out who you can trust and who you need to be wary of. Someone who has betrayed your trust has caused you to question all your relationships.