Cancer weekly horoscope from 11 march 2020

Cancer Horoscope 12222 Overview:

Mar 16, , Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury Venus.

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Mar 21, , Mercury Node. Mar 22, , Mercury Uranus.

Cancer 2020 2021 Horoscope - Gregory Scott Astrology

R Retrograde motion. Mar 1, , Mar 10, , Direct motion. Apr 1, , Mar 5, , Venus enters Taurus. Mar 3, , Venus Saturn. Venus Uranus. Venus Node.

Cancer Horoscope 12222 Overview:

Mar 23, , Venus Neptune. Mar 28, , Venus Jupiter. Mar 29, , Venus Pluto. Abide by what you believe in and hold yourself high, at all times. This retrogression might prove to be quite challenging for you. At work, you might find yourself burdened with lots of work and pressure but there is nothing that a little patience and hard-work cannot solve. And if you do find yourselves in a fix, you can always take the help of a senior or a colleague, as per the astrological findings in your Cancer Horoscope Saturn is in own sign Capricorn.

From 23 rd March Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius. From 11 th May Saturn becomes retrograde in Aquarius. VFrom 2 nd July Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn. From 29 th September Saturn becomes direct in Capricorn.

March 11th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

From 18 th December Saturn again enters fix nature last of air sign Aquarius. Jupiter is debilitated in Earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter becomes retrograde from 15 th May. Jupiter becomes direct from 13 th September.

Cancer horoscope 2020

On Thursday, action planet Mars harmonizes with taskmaster Saturn at AM, providing the end of the week with strength that allows us to tackle long-term projects. Also on Thursday, retrograde messenger Mercury meets the sun at PM, illuminating deep, possibly repressed memories and helping us realize abstract concepts as they become visible and actualized under the light of the sun. Retrograde Mercury squares off with expansive Jupiter at PM on Friday, pushing us to take action at a fork in the road. On Saturday, retrograde Mercury gently connects with power planet Pluto at AM, creating a productive atmosphere for getting to the bottom of your feelings.

A deep dive into your subconscious and a fearless perusal into the dark corners of research-driven processes is favored. Retrograde Mercury connects with action planet Mars at PM on Sunday, opening the channels for petty debate. With Mars in Taurus, fights can be passive aggressive. If you find yourself in the middle of an argument, make it a point to be the bigger person. You make a personal change that fixes your reputation midweek, as the sun squares off with your planetary ruler Jupiter on Wednesday evening.

It is the perfect time to actively right your wrongs and live your truth.

Weekly Horoscope: March 11 - 17 - VICE

Avoid being misguided by your optimism on or around Friday, opting to get some advice before making any quick moves. The planetary weather this weekend encourages you to get a third opinion—with Mercury gently connecting with Pluto on Saturday morning, you can find advice that helps you get to the bottom of your feelings. There is powerful support this week to apply yourself towards your long-term goals, as mid-week your planetary ruler, action-planet Mars, harmonizes with the planet of commitment, Saturn.

Be optimistic that you are investing your resources, your self-confidence, and your precious energy into something that will have a sustainable outcome. Action planet Mars is currently making your life sweaty and exciting as it transits through your sign. Mars will harmonize with Saturn, the planet of commitment, finding you putting in the elbow grease to make your beliefs come to life.

This will be most strongly felt early Thursday morning, as your beliefs and strongest convictions directly influence how you react to your immediate environment. You will be standing up for what you believe in. Connect with old friends this weekend as retrograde messenger Mercury gently harmonizes with Mars. Remembering your old connections and reaching out to them gives you the wherewithal to get things done.

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  • Avoid overcommitting midweek: As the sun connects with expansive Jupiter, you will be feeling very generous with your time. As Thursday morning draws near, your loyalty to your community pays off.